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Shopping Centers
When people are out shopping, a clean, orderly parking lot provides...
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We make it easy to have your parking area always...
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Construction Areas
You manage your construction area to be as hazard-free...
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Patrons and vendors alike appreciate an orderly, clean, and litter-free...
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A trip to the hospital is often stressful but your parking...
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Office Centers
Whether large or small, your occupants, not to mention their...
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Paved Parking Areas
All paved parking areas need attention to always look their best...
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Apartment Complexes
Nothing puts out the welcome mat for your renters like a clean...
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We offer local commercial cleaning services for your parking lot, and legendary customer service!

You might think that an immaculately clean parking lot might not make that big of a difference in your bottom line, but you’d be surprised. It’s certainly not the sole reason why people patronize your business, but the overall cleanliness of your storefront sets the tone for the customer’s experience. If it starts with a positive first impression, they’re going to be more comfortable, spend more time at your store, and probably also spend more money. It’s also good for employee morale. Your sales force will have better attitudes and be more productive If they don’t have to walk through a parking lot full of trash on their way into work each morning.

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C & C Commercial Cleaner will take care of your parking lot, so you have more time to take care of your customers!

Running a small business demands your full attention at all times. In fact, doing it right often requires you to do the work of several different people all at once. But it’s the price you pay to be your own boss, and it’s a bargain. To that same point, it’s your job as the owner and the boss to think the big thoughts and learn to delegate certain tasks. It’s your responsibility to work on your business, and not in it. That shouldn’t suggest that any job is beneath you, but it’s a better use of your time to focus on growing your business.

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No matter how big (or small) that your asphalt or concrete parking lot is, we’ll help you keep it clean!

There’s an old saying about how cleanliness is next to godliness, and that’s never been truer than today. The COVID-19 Pandemic is still very much alive, and our “new normal” will most assuredly involve heightened standards for cleanliness across the boards in the places where we live and do business. But many businesses were already practicing heightened standards, because it’s simply good business. Customers like a clean parking lot and retail space, and employee morale is highest when the physical plant is well-maintained. It sends the message that you care, and that you pay attention to the details.

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