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C & C is proud to be in the curb appeal business!

Parking lots and parking decks serve an important purpose, but most people take them for granted unless they can’t find an available parking space. But they mean a lot to our team at C & C Commercial Cleaner, Inc.! Parking lots are the first thing prospective customers see when they drive by and the first thing you and your employees see each morning. If your parking lot is full of trash and debris, people will definitely talk. In fact, it could even cost you business! But our fleet of power sweeping vehicles is just a phone call or mouse click away, and we’re ready to show you how affordable it is to maintain an immaculately clean parking lot!

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We Offer Power Sweeping Services Around the Clock!

Owning or managing a business is a 24-hour-a-day responsibility; even if you have great people running your daily operations, you’re probably quite familiar with responding to after-hours problems only you can solve! The good news is that our team at C & C Commercial Cleaner, Inc. understands, and we’re always a phone call away if your parking lot or parking deck requires additional attention between your regularly scheduled service appointments!

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We offer around-the-clock service for both concrete and asphalt parking lots

If you’re building from the ground up, it pays to consider the relative strengths and weaknesses of your building materials. Concrete is the way to go if you want to build a multi-story parking structure in the middle of town, and it lasts twice as long as asphalt. Asphalt is the paving material of choice for large commercial buildings because it can be driven on almost immediately, and it costs half as much as concrete. Whatever choice you make, our fleet of power sweeper vehicles at C & C Commercial Cleaner, Inc. is a mouse click or a phone call away!

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