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Keep your lot clean to keep it full and avoid those summer doldrums!

Keep your lot clean to keep it full and avoid those summer doldrums!

Summertime is here, and with it comes the one-two punch of hot, dry, dusty days and nights interspersed with strong, sometimes violent thunderstorms. Arkansas’ seasonal weather extremes can make it a real chore to keep your parking lot clean and clear of debris. But you don’t have much choice in the matter, especially if your livelihood depends on keeping your lot filled.

If your lot spends any time at all looking dirty and unkempt, regardless of the reason, it can cost you business. A parking lot filled with dirt and debris can lead prospective customers to worry about possible damage to their vehicle, such as scratches, dings, or even a flat tire. A lot that is dusty and strewn with litter definitely sends an unwanted message to anyone parking their vehicle, if they pull in at all!

The good news is that C & C Commercial Cleaner is committed to keeping our clients’ lots clean and clear of debris. With parking lot cleaning services from Commercial Cleaner, you can have your lot swept once a month, once a week, or even daily! And if conditions are especially dusty, or if a big storm rolls through, our GPS-equipped sweeper trucks are a phone call away!

Commercial Cleaner has been in business for 37 years, and our fleet of 12 sweeper trucks are available 24/7! Back up drivers and sweeper trucks are always available, and we regularly inspect our customers’ properties to make sure our team of professional and courteous sweeper truck drivers are meeting our standard of excellence.

There may be other sweeping companies out there, but you owe it to yourself to insist on the best! Give us a call today at (501)945-3219 or contact us online and you’ll soon be another one of our satisfied customers. We guarantee it!