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As the front line of your business, your parking lot is a treasure trove of information about you and your business. Nobody wants to park in a parking lot that is chronically dirty, strewn with litter or other debris, but by the same token, you’ve got a business to run and can’t be spending all of your time worrying about your parking lot.

But appearances are important, and a neat, orderly appearance tells people that your company is successful, well-managed, and detail oriented. On the other hand, a parking filled with litter and other debris makes people think the business inside is unkempt and sloppy as well.

So, what’s the answer? Obviously, if you wanted to clean parking lots, you’d have gone into the business of cleaning parking lots. And who can afford the expense of regular cleanings? Well, for one thing, you don’t have to start your own cleaning business, we’ve done that for you. And the expense? It’s far less than you might think and we’ve got a maintenance plan to fit your budget, especially when your attractive business attracts even more business because of your gleaming parking lot!

Commercial Cleaner Inc. has been keeping parking lots in Central Arkansas clean and well-kept since 1979, and our fleet of GPS-guided sweeper trucks and professional staff has everything you need to keep your parking lot neat as a pin. We’ve built our reputation on quality, dependable, customer-oriented service.

Plus, sweeping parking lots isn’t a sideline for us at Commercial Cleaner, Inc., and we don’t do it as an add-on to our core business. It is our core business and our only business because we want to make sure you get the service you’ve asked for.

Give us a call today and we’ll be glad to help you get set up on a scheduled parking lot maintenance plan that fits within your budget, allowing you total set it and forget convenience and peace of mind. And don’t worry, if your lot needs attention between regular sweeping, just call us and we’ll have a sweeper truck from our fleet headed your way in no time!

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression, so call the sweeping company that specializes in great first impressions! Call Commercial Cleaner, Inc. at (501) 945-3219 and soon you’ll know how easy it is to make a good first impression!