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Do you want to keep your paved parking lot clean? Our sweeper services are always a phone call away!

Your parking lot is something that you probably take for granted most of the time. After all, no one decides that they’re going to do business with you because you have a great parking lot. Or do they? Prospective customers make the decision to pull into your parking lot in a matter of seconds, and if their first impression involves a parking lot full of trash and other debris, they might decide to move along and look for a business that takes better care of their physical property. They also might have some concerns about their safety if they feel like your store or shopping center is neglecting its parking lot maintenance.

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We offer 24 hour on call service for those times when we encounter unexpected severe weather!

Like all of our other prospective clients, one of the first questions that you have is whether or not you can afford power sweeping services for your parking lot. The truth is that you can’t afford not to put your best foot forward when it comes to pavement maintenance and curb appeal.

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Want local commercial cleaning services at bargain prices? Give us a call!

As we approach our “new normal,” the importance of cleanliness is now at an all-time high. Every expert on COVID-19 has a different opinion of the severity of the outbreak, but one thing that we can all agree on is that cleanliness seems to be a big part of the solution. And it always has been, long before the coronavirus pandemic.

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