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No matter how big (or small) that your asphalt or concrete parking lot is, we’ll help you keep it clean!

There’s an old saying about how cleanliness is next to godliness, and that’s never been truer than today. The COVID-19 Pandemic is still very much alive, and our “new normal” will most assuredly involve heightened standards for cleanliness across the boards in the places where we live and do business. But many businesses were already practicing heightened standards, because it’s simply good business. Customers like a clean parking lot and retail space, and employee morale is highest when the physical plant is well-maintained. It sends the message that you care, and that you pay attention to the details.

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Need to clean up your parking lot after a big storm? Our fleet of parking lot sweeper trucks is a phone call away!

We all love living in the Natural State. Yes, there are bugs, and it’s very hot for several months out of the year. But there’s no doubt that the scenic beauty that we have to offer is something truly special. We’re also frequently subjected to some very intense seasonal weather conditions, particularly during the spring and the fall. A beautiful sunny day can turn into a torrential storm at the drop of a hat, and as a business owner, you often find yourself forced to do a lot of extra cleanup after the storm passes through.

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C & C is in the curb appeal business. Call us today!

“Wow! What a gorgeous parking lot!”

As much as we’d like to imagine that someone uttered those words, we’re pretty sure that no one has ever said them out loud. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t notice the difference between a nice parking lot that’s smooth and clean, and a gravel lot that’s full of litter and other debris. It might be okay for a honky tonk or the county fair, but most people prefer to patronize businesses that focus on the little things.

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